Engagement / Ring Ceremony

Engagement / Ring Ceremony

“Engagement is two halves of the same sole joining together in life’s journey”. A very special moment for the bride and groom as this small ring signifies one ring to rule the world with the support of each other. Engagement makes the apex of the relationship’s, love and happiness and after that everything on this earth is a downhill.

Indian weddings are known for their elaborate ceremonies and opulent celebrations. Besides, they are held in a very traditional manner, commemorating numerous rituals as per the ancient Vedic era. This has sanctified the institution of marriage, making it one of the most important happenings in one’s life. Engagement ceremony is one such ceremony which marks the beginning of the wedding concord.

The Engagement Ceremony is a pre wedding ceremony and important part of wedding in many cultures. This ceremony has great importance as it is the ceremony which starts the romantic journey of getting married.

The couple is then blessed by the elderly family members with gifts like garments, jewelry etc. not like earlier days, an engagement ceremony today has earned a lot of prominence by the sheer size and scale of the event with sizable amount of guests, embellished banquet halls, luxurious food etc. with the requirement for knowledgeable management of this ceremony.

Events of happiness is a company which takes the initiative to devote themselves wholeheartedly to make this day memorable and epic. They ensure for best espousal as per themes and also help in providing ideas for morganatic gifts to be exchanged over the two parties.

Event of happiness works on a wonderful principle of serving their clients with all the requirements, Be it the venue booking or the decorations in that (the engagement ceremony decorations are typically on a low note with soft lights and gentle flowers serving the entire purpose) or the espousals and the other basic arrangements from music to photography, Be it a day event or a late evening affair, we tend to build it equally wonderful.

Client Testimonials

  • Awesome banda and fantastic team! Chirag Shah is one of the most innovative guy in the field. His management is master class. He is spontaneous when it comes to handling an out of the course situation during an event (which always arises as you know ;)). He understand his clients’ expectations very well and give them their money’ worth of celebrations. He carries a positive attitude, has a charming personality, he is witty and creative. I have seldom seen a guy with so many ideas and passion for his work. Apart from being a hardworking professional, he loves to party and is fun to hang around with. He always aims to provide best to his customer and focuses on developing relations and reputation. His team shares his work ethics and ensures to provide their customers the very best of arrangement and treatment. You would surely be happy with his work and I assure you that your money will be well spent. Having worked with Chirag I strongly recommend his services. Event of Happiness is an event management company that is here to create and share happiness!

  • One of the most forward looking event management team in the country. They have the finest ideas to celebrate. Dynamic team and brilliant leaders make sure your event is full of fun and worth your money. I have attended several events and have found that from food to photography, the quality is world class. Highly recommend to hire them to celebrate the best occasions of your life.

    Sohin Shah
  • It is one of the best event companies I have come across!! They make moments a ‘memory’! And more specifically Chirag shah and Radhika are the most happening and adorable duos!! Love them and love their approach towards their clients! They treat them as friends and respect them as family❤

    I am glad I had them for my wedding and thankyouuu guys for making it more than special!!😇 u deserve a biggggggg round of applause!! And I mean it. Bless you😇

    Karishma Barchha
  • Hey there,I have worked with Chirag Shah and Radhika Shah on Broad Appetit for three years now. It is always such a pleasure! Events of Happiness as a team – never gets discouraged or overwhelmed by any tasks that are presented to them. They thrive on multitasking. Radhika Shah really is the hardest working woman I have ever worked with, amazing choreographer that can make a non dancer also dance on the finest tunes ! Nothing ever seems to slow her down. She makes everything seem so effortless. While Chirag Shah as the main event planner – his attention to detail is impeccable. He takes on every project with such enthusiasm and pride. As a Radio Presenter I have been so lucky to witness Events of Happiness get so many wonderful projects off the ground…. Their attention to detail tops! You all are wonderful to work with. I know I never have to worry when Events of Happiness is onboard with our events! Your creativity knows no boundaries and you guys always bring fresh ideas to the table…

    The team is always up with exceptional range of skills, which have saved many firms thousands of bucks , since they handle tasks that normally require hiring multiple men power. From event concept to the actual day of (the event), They know what it takes to bring an event to fruition and make it unique. The avid imagination coupled with a practical understanding of meeting budgets and time- constraints make Events of Happiness an outstanding choice to manage an event of virtually *any size*. I strongly recommend Chirag shah as the event planner without reservation to any individual or firm who is looking to create a distinctive, unique and extraordinary event…. They take up your event as their own! And that’s the main element of a successful event planning – owning the event and shows always – Events of Happiness- I can unequivocally endorse them as a first class event management company ….

    Rj Ishita
  • A Great event oraganizer!! More then your thoughts

    Riddhi Ravani
  • Perfect Match for your entire event management, I truely Recommended. Was wonderful working with events of happiness and team….Superb

    Ishan Shah
  • He is the most dedicated to work person and i am really more than happy with the service he has given! I surely recommend no one but Chirag shah because he is the best I know!

  • “Event of happiness” .. Name is enough. Entire wedding was perfectly planned and managed by the team of eventbof happieness. Work, design, concepts, execution etc.. Was upto the mark. We are really thankfull to you guyz for making my wedding a memorable event

  • Events of happiness comes with bundle of creative ideas to make your event memorable and unique one. Excellent management with highly energetic team. Just leave all your worries aside and everything will be handled at its best by “Events of happiness” including food, music, artists, photography, video,transport,choreography and much more.

    Komal Lodhiya
  • True to their words…one stop solution for your any event…very helpful, supportive and most imp dey have many creative ideas as per customers need. I will rate dis young, creative, hardworking team 5 out of 5 for organizing my 2 successful events. Thnx guys for making it memorable for me.

    Sohil Shah
  • Excellent… I would describe Chirag and Radhi as my family now bcoz they had put their heart & soul just like how each family member works hard to make a wedding become a dream come true.. love you guys…

    Shruti Adani
  • It was an awesome experience with events of happiness!!! And now it’s an addiction, even a small thing in my family I have to remember Chirag Shah.. Radhika u are all in one , multi talented girl … Young blood , enthusiastic , energetic, and last but not the least u give a homely feeling …u make events of bonding rather happiness .. All the best chika ….radhey radhey

    komalyyy Gujarat
  • Such a moment modifier great expiriance memorable event by events of happiness thank you.

    Mitesh Dhakan

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